Authors must complete the registration and payment before uploading presentation videos.

Please upload your presentation video (MP4 file) by November 8.

• Authors must provide a pre-recorded presentation with narration.
Your video MUST be in .MP4 format.
• Your video must not exceed the maximum file size and time length set in the following table.

For poster presentation, authors are required to upload two items:

(1) A poster file (PDF file, A0 size, < 5 MB)

(2) A narrative audio or video file of the poster (MP4 file, length < 5 min, size < 100 MB).

 Plenary Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Invited Speakers

Regular Speakers


maximum time length40 min30 min20 min10 min5 min
maximum file size800 MB600 MB600 MB200 MB100 MB

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If you fail to upload a video, a common cause is that your registration information does not have an abstract no. attached to it. Please edit your registration information by selecting/entering the abstract no. (4-digit number) which you will be presenting. Once you have edited your registration information, you should be able to upload your video file.
When you edit your registration information, tick yes when asked: "Are you presenting a paper or multiple papers?". Then you should be able to enter your abstract number.
Edit your registration information by entering the email address ID used to submit the abstract. When asked “what is the email address ID used to submit the abstract(s)?”, enter the correct email address ID used to submit the abstract. If you are uploading the video file of an abstract that was not submitted by you originally, without entering this correct email address ID, you will not be able to upload the file.