Symposium F4. Manufacturing Technology of Thin Film Materials for Electron and Optical Devices

Jan-Chi YangNational Cheng Kung University
Jui-Yuan ChenNational United University
Heng-Jui LiuNational Chung Hsing University
Scope & Topics

This symposium focuses on materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering of thin films materials for electron and optical applications. The session will cover both theoretical and experimental work on various materials including but not limited to inorganic semiconductors, organic semiconductors, oxides, nitrides and novel compounds. Besides, relating applications included but not limited to active electronic and optical devices (FETs, TFTs, optoelectronic devices, and optical switches, etc.), sensors (biosensors, gas sensors, optical sensors, and NEMS sensors, etc.), passive elements (transparent conductive films and interconnections), and so on. Fundamental physics and technologies related to those applications such as growth, structural design, film deposition, surface modification, device fabrication and characterization are also welcome.