Symposium F1. Materials Modeling of Structure, Defect and Property

Chin-Lung Kuo National Taiwan University
Yu-Chieh LoNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Chih-Hsiang ChangIndustrial Technology Research Institute
Scope & Topics

The connections between structures, properties, processing is the basis of materials science and engineering. Control of microstructures and defects is the core of material processing using to obtain the required properties. Consequently, it is essential to deepen our understanding, both qualitative and quantitative, of many important manners regarding how the microstructures and defects influence the properties of materials. In this respect, novel modeling and simulation approaches are a vital component in enabling the engineering design process and the scientific method, to better characterize material microstructures and defects and capture the physics underlying their evolution. The scope of this symposium includes the multiscale modeling, analysis, and simulation of microstructures and defects in materials, especially combining the established techniques from atomic-level models into their continuum counterparts to capture correct physical insight.