Symposium E5. Metal Matrix Composites & Ceramic Structural Materials

Wei-Hsing TuanNational Taiwan University
Hung-Jen LaiNational Chung Hsing University
Scope & Topics

Over the last fifty years, metals, ceramics and their composites have been widely developed for structural applications. Significant progress has been made on aerospace, automobile, marine and electronic packaging industries. Further improvements on their performance are still under intensive investigation. The scope of symposium is to provide a platform for the researchers from academics and industries to discuss their ideas and possibilities. This symposium will focus on the developments of advanced metals, ceramics & composite materials for applications. Studies on developing robust metallic, ceramic and composite are more than welcome. Symposium topics will include (but not limited to):

  1. Design and processing of metal- and ceramic-matrix composites
  2. Microstructures and phase characterization of metals, ceramics and composite materials
  3. Matrix and reinforcement interfaces for metal and ceramic matrix composites
  4. Mechanical properties, fatigue, creep, wear and tribology of metallic, ceramic and composite structural materials
  5. Macro to nanoscale composites and their simulations/modeling
  6. Functional and reliability issue of metals, ceramics and composite materials