Symposium E4. Additive Manufacturing Materials and Technology

Jhewn-Kuang ChenNational Taipei University of Technology
Chung-Wei ChengNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Meng-Hsiu TsaiNational Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
Che-Nan KuoNational Sun Yat-sen University
Scope & Topics

3D printing or additive manufacturing (AM) has attracted considerable interest during the last decade. The layer-wise fabrication technology provides great capabilities for new designs, whereas many technical challenges remain for materials scientists and engineers to overcome. This symposium is aimed to group academic and industry experts together to share new ideas and the latest achievements in AM technology. The symposium offers the attendees a platform for discussing the raw materials, processes, simulation, properties, treatments, and applications of 3D printing materials. We welcome both experienced and new users of AM to join us and develop network for new research activities. Parallel exhibition will also feature novel AM products and services. Symposium topics will include (but not limited to):

  1. Raw materials for AM
  2. New/modified AM technologies
  3. Microstructures, properties, and applications of advanced AM materials
  4. AM process and control; post treatments of AM products
  5. Modeling and simulation of AM technologies