Symposium B3. Energy Conversion and Generation (Thermoelectric generators, Piezoelectric generators, Triboelectric generators, Fuel Cells, Energy Production from Biomass)

Hsin-Jay WuNational Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Jyh-Ming WuNational Tsing Hua University
Yen-Hsun SuNational Cheng Kung University
Chuan-Pu LiuNational Cheng Kung University
Scope & Topics

In the high demanding of searching for renewable energy to cope with the urgent crisis of carbon emission and pollution issues, this symposium focuses on all the exciting novel technologies allowing to generate green energy by converting waste energy or harvesting unused energy from environment, including thermoelectric, piezoelectric and triboelectric generators as well as fuel cells etc. Therefore, the possible scope covers fundamental theories, synthesis, transport property measurements of the sustainable materials as well as device design and working mechanism used in the energy conversion and generation. Research fields of interest include, but not limited to, thermoelectric materials/devices, piezoelectric materials/devices, triboelectric materials/devices, electrochemical batteries, and fuel cells technology.