Symposium A5. Advanced Materials and Related Technology for Next Generation Displays

Hsueh-Shih (Sean) ChenNational Tsing Hua University
Scope & Topics

Display materials and technology is an interdisciplinary field, comprising a range of semiconductor lighting, optical polymer films, thin film transistors (TFT), liquid crystals, glass materials, and lightweight metal or plastic fame materials. More advanced materials technology such as organic emitting materials and electronics, quantum dot (QD) materials and devices, mini and micro light emitting diodes (LED), 3D hologram and so on are also being developed and have attracted much attention from researchers in recent years. This symposium offers an innovative forum for scientists and researchers who are interested in advanced materials science and technology in semiconductor and organic lighting, optical films, TFT, organic or QD materials and devices, mini or micro LED processes or other related materials science and technology for sharing their recent studies and inspiring findings. Symposium topics will include (but not limited to):

  1. Lighting materials and applications
  2. Organic lighting materials and electronics
  3. Quantum dot materials and devices
  4. Mini and Micro LED processes and related materials technology
  5. Liquid crystals, transparent conductive films and oxides
  6. TFT on glass and flexible plastic substrates
  7. Multi-scale modeling and simulation of display materials and devices