Symposium A4. Advanced Technologies for Memory Devices and Flexible Electronics

Ying-Chih LaiNational Chung Hsing University
Wen-Ya LeeNational Taipei University of Technology
Ho-Hsiu ChouNational Tsing Hua University
Kuan-Chang ChangPeking University
Ruiyuan LiuSoochow University
Scope & Topics

Information memory devices, one of the critical components in all commercial electronic systems, are omnipresent in the modern digital age. Exploring new materials, advanced technologies, and device design for memory devices are highly urgent toward next-generation high-speed electronics, big data, and artificial intelligence. This symposium aims to provide a platform for researchers to exchange the newest progress on the memory area include, but are not limited to materials for advanced memory (including conventional memories, organic memories, RRAM, MRAM, FeRAM, and electronic synapses), advanced memory device design, scaling, processing, and volatile and nonvolatile modeling.

Another subject in this symposium is Flexible Electronics. Flexible devices including bendable, stretchable, and even deformable ones can provide maximum freedom in the use of electronics, largely broadening the scope of smart devices and sensor systems. Such fields are rapidly growing and have drawn huge attention in both academics and industrials. Interdisciplinary materials science and engineering are at the core of the emerging field. This symposium will offer a timely platform for disseminating and communicating recent progress on flexible/stretchable/deformable electronics, electronic skins, and flexible/stretchable/deformable power generation and storage, soft machines, and approaches to self-healing. Novel materials, unusual device concepts, and new application systems are highly encouraged.